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How do you define the Paral·lel Festival in one word?: Unique.

Your Paral·lel 2016 experience: One friend told me about the festival like this: 1000 people, amazing artists, Spanish mountains and perfect sound system.
He explained me that the organization really wanted to put people in the best conditions to enjoy the atmosphere. I felt in love with the idea because it is exactly what all other festivals are missing.
And all of this was confirmed in one second when we arrived to the festival. This feeling was unique.

Which one was the best moment for you? Why?
 During the second day, it started to rain really hard. The music stopped during 4 hours and we didn’t know if it was going to start again. When the rain stopped, everybody went near the stage to wait.
The best moment was when we heard the first sound was back. Abdulla Rashim took position behind the turntables. It was really ceremonial, the fog, the darkness, with the only light of the stage. This was mystical and I loved it.

Give one advice to someone who didn’t go to the first edition: 
I think this type of organization is really unusual, but it should be the usual way to make it! And if you want to discover what is a festival truly organized for the people who go, you need to go to Paral·lel.

One track: A Sacred Geometry – Saedis. Played by Luigi Tozzi at the beginning of the festival.

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