How do you define the Paral·lel Festival in one word? Genuine

Your Paral·lel 2016 experience: I really felt reconnected with what I do, having the chance to play in front of a public that is very aware of your music is the most rewarding experience. And also meeting a huge amount of amazing people who I stayed in contact with all during the year after the festival is something special for sure.

Which one was the best moment for you? Why? The whole festival was one only moment of music and friendship. 
Still if I had to recall one, the beginning of Abdulla Rashim’s set, just after the storm, was an incredible sensation. There was this fog and only a tiny red light was left from the stage, the atmosphere was just perfect!

Give one advice to someone who didn’t go to the first edition: Just go and experience it yourself, the combination of that kind of music and nature is something one should absolutely try once in a lifetime.

One track: Dorisburg – Irrbloss

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