How do you define the Paral·lel Festival in one word? Freedom.

Your Paral·lel 2016 experience: Was one of the best events I ever attended so far. The location was outstanding, a real immersion in the nature with the best sound fitting perfectly the environment. People were super relaxed, nice vibe of friendly and happiness. What else… can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

Which one was the best moment for you? Why? Definitely dancing under the rain was something unique! Then we had a break due to the heavy storm, which also played an important role (but I hope it won’t happen again) on the general mood. Indeed, the day after when it started again, we were all connected and it was even more special!

Give one advice to someone who didn’t go to the first edition: Friendly environment, amazing music, stunning location. Get your ticket and u won’t go wrong!

One track:

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