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How do you define the Paral·lel Festival in one word? Community.

Your Paral·lel 2016 experience: It was wonderful to meet so many connections I’ve made though Silent Season and on social media. To meet these new friends face to face for the first time in such beautiful surroundings was very special. A global techno community together sharing smiles, stories and dancing. It was also very special for me to attend the festival with my lovely wife.

Which one was the best moment for you? Why?
 The best moment for me was at the beginning of my set. The energy building up on Saturday afternoon before I started my set was very intense. I could feel that people wanted to dance, they wanted the rhythms to take control, they wanted to move. To build the momentum I started my set with a few select deep techno tracks, I looked out to the crowd as they were all in motion as rain drops began to fall. Their hands raised to the sky as if calling on the relief of the rain from the day’s heat. As my set progressed so did the rain until we managed to call mother nature into a full blown rain dance. It was a touching experience to be part of both moving with the people and the heavy rain. After 30 minutes the rain eventually took over and we needed to shut things down for safety. I never completed my set but that was the most intense moment i’ve had DJing.

Give one advice to someone who didn’t go to the first edition:
 The weather can change quickly so be prepared for sun or rain.

One track: Planet by Edanticonf

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