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Mathias Grassow

From: Germany

Mathias was born in 1963 and grew up in Wiesbaden, Germany. After first musical steps with drums and guitar in thelate 1970s he started to get involved in electronic, especially ambient music. While his first albums intially werereleased on cassette (there was a well-developed underground cassette scene in the 80s) LPs and CDs followedsoon.

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His international breakthrough came with “El Hadra” (1991), his collaboration with ex-Popol Vuh musician and Sufimystic Klaus Wiese, one of the founding fathers of the original new age movement (before it was sold out and turnedmostly into elevator music). Ever since, Mathias kept refining, deepening and expanding his initial musical conceptwith an ongoing stream of excellent releases.

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Mathias Grassow is one of the pioneers and most important figures of drone ambient, his trademark are hauntinglyintrospective, at times sombre, minimalistic soundscapes of remarkable spiritual intensity.While he initially was fascinated by German electronic music icons like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, amongother things reading the book “Through Music To The Self” by Munich composer Peter Michael Hamel (who has alsogrown into a personal friend over the years) shifted Mathias’ interest to the more meditative and healing aspects ofmusic. In addition to Klaus Wiese and the albums of Peter Michael Hamel also the early work of Georg Deuter or ofAmerican ambient artists like Steve Roach have certain aspects in common with parts of Mathias’ music.