" Just a few years ago, Juan Rico, who up to then was also known as Reeko, presented his new project to the world with these words. "


There’s a patient consistency at the heart of Alexander Berg’s work as Dorisburg. The Swedish producer hasvmade ten EPs and one album over the past six years, and put simply, each one is something to be proud of. Speaking with Resident Advisor, Berg explains he writes over 100 tracks a year, creating music impulsively then letting it ferment, often revisiting ideas months later to see if that initial spark still glows. His catalog, which encompasses both dreamy, melancholic melody and hypnotic drum tracks, maintains a quality and singularity of personality that’s immediately recognizable on record and in the live setting, performance being a primary focus for Berg with his solo project. He also solely releases on labels run by his friends—the Swedish labels Aniara Recordings, Bossmusik and Northern Electronics, as well as Hivern Discs, who handled the release of his debut full-length, Irrbloss.

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Over the last few years, Architectural has become a more defined and mature project. After the first releases in 2010 and 2011 (Architectural 001 to 003), and with those that followed in 2013 and 2014 (004 and 005), all of which were published by his own label Architectural Records, he laid the foundations and the structure has become strong and solid.

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In 2012 Architectural released Peacetime with Semantica Records. Being chosen by a label that is so careful in selecting the works they publish is proof that Architectural was on the right track: methodical, patient and brilliant both at the drawing table and with the first samples of his construction work. Juan's next step in 2013 certified Architectural's maturity: he published The Blue Album (Reeko & Architectural) with PoleGroup. A fusion of his two projects that results in a spatial and futuristic sound, with jazz hues and the feel of a movie soundtrack.