Denise Dias

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How do you define the Paral·lel Festival in one word? Innocence.

Your Paral·lel 2016 experience: Since the festival announcement, I was wondering how it would be, and I just can say, without any doubt, that Paral·lel overcame all my expectations. The place was meticulously chosen to provide us freedom at all levels… Arousing all our senses into the most pure and genuine self-existence… Free… Blessed… That´s how I felt… Embraced by nature, surrounded by innocent, honest, true and caring people who where all there for the same reason… enjoy a genuine music experience in a magic place… Definitely a place to be again…

Which one was the best moment for you? Why? I felt blessed with the magnetism of the dance floor listening to Svreca … The mysticism of his set was inevitable… almost announcing the rain that it was yet to come with “La Pluie”… Yes, it was Friday night and on Saturday the sky felt down on us, and we all sadly thought that it was the end! But we where wrong! They made magic again, and suddenly the dance floor was reopened, with a brand new barn style!! Congratulations for that!

Give one advice to someone who didn’t go to the first edition: It might be clever to bring a rain coat, but do not forget to bring your best smile!

One track: La Pluie@Svreca´s set (In Æternam Vale).

One picture: The vivid green landscape contrasting with the colors of the camping zone when the night was about to come after a rainy day… Paral·lel Postcard!

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